5 best moments from Men in Kilts Season 1, Episode 3

Men in Kilts -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Men in Kilts -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

Sam and Graham took us through the history of song and dance in Scotland on Men in Kilts Season 1, Episode 3. Here are the top five moments.

When you think of Scottish music, you’ll immediately think of bagpipes. When it comes to dancing, you’ll think of the Highland Fling and the dance around the swords. Men in Kilts Season 1, Episode 3 took us inside the history of everything involving song and dance in Scotland.

You may have been surprised to learn of some of the history behind both. Sam and Graham both involved experts to teach them about the history and they also got a chance to learn a bit of Highland dancing.

It’s time to dive into the best moments from the episode. One of those was while the end credits rolled.

Men in Kilts Season 1, Episode 3 best moments

Gwyllyn the Bard explaining a little about Gaelic

During Outlander Season 1, Claire experienced the music of the past. Gwyllyn the Bard was a Welsh musician who arrived at Castle Leoch to perform.

We got to see Gillebride MacMillan in person on Men in Kilts Season 1, Episode 3. This wasn’t to talk about his time on Outlander but about Gaelic and its history. The language is still alive and well in the Highlands, even though there have been attempts to get everyone to speak English. MacMillan explained why that is, and part of it does come from the storytelling in the language.

It was fun to have someone else from the show turn up, and not one of the main casts. After all, while he was only in one episode, everyone remembers Gwyllyn the Bard.

The use of bagpipes in the Second World War

Of course, we got the history of bagpipes in Scotland. They were used by the military, and during the episode, we learned about one particular event during the Second World War.

One man walked up and down the beach at Normandy playing the bagpipes. The Germans stopped shooting at him because they were just so shocked he would do that. These little tidbits could get lost in history, and it’s important to remember the way soldiers would put their lives on the line to boost morale.

The history of sword dancing in the military

Likewise, we found out the history of sword dancing, while seeing Sam and Graham attempt to do it. I’ll admit that I preferred seeing them attempt it in the show than I thought I would based on the promo. Graham was so apologetic for not doing that well about it.

It turns out sword dancing was used to keep soldiers fit. It could also have a place in the superstition episode that’s coming on Sunday. There were superstitions of what would happen based on dancing around the swords before a battle.

Cèilidh history and fun

A cèilidh is pretty much an excuse for a party now. However, it does have a history, and that’s something Sam and Graham learn during the episode.

It goes back to World War II again. Prisoners of War started dancing to keep warm, and it became something of a defiance against the German soldiers. It just shows the way the Scots (and even all British prisoners) would try to keep the morale up in a dark time.

Really, it was just so great to see everyone have fun.

Who wrote Greensleeves?

Finally, you’ll want to stick around for the scene during the credits. Sam and Graham talk about the song Greensleeves while they’re driving to one of the places.

Graham brings up the history of the song and who wrote it. There’s no proof that Henry VIII wrote it, but it is a popular belief. I just have fun seeing the banter between the two co-hosts and how their conversations jump from one thing to another while they’re driving.

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What were your favorite moments from Men in Kilts Season 1, Episode 3? Share them in the comments below.

Men in Kilts airs Sundays on STARZ in the U.S. and Tuesdays on the Global TV App and Stack TV in Canada.