Outlander Book Club: Drums of Autumn Chapter 32 breakdown

Outlander Season 4 -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander Season 4 -- Courtesy of STARZ /
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Outlander - Richard Rankin
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Roger reads through Geillis’s book in Outlander Book 4, Chapter 32

Outlander Book 4, Chapter 32 is mostly about research. Roger spends his time working through Geillis’s book, knowing that it might have some sort of clue as to how to get through the stones.

One thing that is certain is that Geillis did a lot of research. She made sure she knew how to open the stones and what she would need to go through them. There wasn’t a chance she was going to head through the stones unprepared and risk being left like some of those who she did document.

At the same time, we get that confirmation that Geillis know something about Claire. She wouldn’t have known it was the same Claire at first, but it’s clear she knew something all the way back in the first book.

This is another short chapter, but it’s packed with theories and potential time travel rules. It’s something many readers would be interested about at this point. Why do some people not make it all the way through? How do you get to a particular point in time? These are still just theories, but they’re researched theories.

The chapter wasn’t fully used in the series. Outlander Season 2 did include Geillis’s book, but we didn’t get to see all the research she went into. I’ll get to why that probably happened and why it didn’t bother me in the adaptation section.

Let’s dive into Drums of Autumn Chapter 32.