5 best moments from the Men in Kilts series premiere

Men in Kilts -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Men in Kilts -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

The Men in Kilts series premiere took us through the food and drink of Scotland. It’s time to break down the top five moments from the episode.

Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish will take us on a road trip around Scotland. The first episode is all about the food and drink. It’s more than just whisky, but whisky is a huge part of Scotland.

Throughout the episode, we get a lot of facts about both the food and the drink. We also get a few flashes of Outlander. After all, both Sam and Graham are both dear to us because of the series. The only downside to the series is that the episodes are about 30 minutes long, but they certainly leave us wanting more.

There were some cheesy moments. We have to remember that the two are actors and not TV hosts, so there was certainly some acting going on throughout the episode. This is just part of the fun of the series.

It’s time to break down the Men in Kilts series premiere. Here are the five moments that stood out in the episode.

Focus on sustainable fishing

The Men in Kilts series premiere introduced us to the food of Scotland. Of course, a big part of the food is fish and lobster. Sam and Graham take us to some of the local businesses that serve the local food, but they also take us out fishing.

One of the things I loved was getting that comment about the sustainable fishing. This isn’t about grabbing everything that comes out of the ocean but making sure there’s something for the future. The smaller lobsters are thrown back in to give them time to grow.

The quick facts with cartoons

When it came to some facts, Men in Kilts opted for a cartoon style. This is becoming popular for factual programs. We just have to look at the likes of Adam Ruins Everything and History of Swear Words to see this style of factual programming.

It helps to keep the facts clear and simple. They quickly pop up on the screen, offering something visual for those who need it to learn the facts.

Highlighting local businesses in the Men in Kilts series premiere

As Sam and Graham drive around Scotland, they stop off at some of the local businesses. This is a chance to highlight them, giving viewers a list of places to visit whenever they go to Scotland.

Throughout the episode, they keep thinking back to the places they’ve visited. There’s no way we’re allowed to forget all about the places.

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Sam and Graham not afraid to get their hands dirty

We see Graham and Sam get involved in some of the activities. They’re very respectful when they’re genuinely learning, and I do love that about them. This wasn’t just for show, but clearly for them to learn more, too.

Of course, there are moments where they fool around. It probably wouldn’t be a show with them without them messing around at times.

A look at things to come on Men in Kilts

The very end of the 30-minute episode is a look at things to come. We get flashes of the future episodes, which shows plenty of great things to look forward to.

One area the two will visit is Culloden. This makes sense considering they’re both from Outlander, but it’s more than that. Culloden is such an important part of British history as a whole (even though I never got taught about it growing up in England!). Get ready to learn about the real battle at some point in the series.

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What did you think of the Men in Kilts series premiere? What are you excited to see in future episodes? Let us know in the comments below.

Men in Kilts airs Sundays at 9/8c on STARZ in the U.S. and on Tuesdays on the Global TV App and Stack TV in Canada.