5 Outlander gifts to get the Jamie Fraser in your life

Outlander Season 1 -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander Season 1 -- Courtesy of STARZ /

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, but there is still time to do some gift buying. If your man is an Outlander fan, you’ll want to get these Outlander gifts.

Finding Outlander gifts for women is usually much easier. The majority of the fanbase is female, which naturally leads to more companies making gifts for women. That doesn’t mean there’s nothing for men.

Whether your Jamie Fraser loves good whisky or needs a new keychain, there are plenty of show- and book-inspired gifts to buy.

Here are five great Outlander gifts to get the Jamie Fraser in your life.

Outlander-themed keychain

We’ll start with the keychain, giving your Jamie a chance to take the show anywhere with him. There are a few quotes that are used on keychains, whether it’s “dinna Fash” or “Je suis prest.”

One of the best options is possibly the speech Jamie makes to Claire about his last words to her. If they’re not “I love you,” it’s only because he didn’t have the chance to say them.

A bottle of Sassenach Whisky (plus glass, of course!)

Of course, Sam Heughan has his own whisky, and this is a chance to get a bottle for the significant man in your life. (This does also make a great gift for women, but it’s all about your Jamie right now). You’ll want to look at getting one with a glass as well as the bottle. It’s the best way to enjoy this.

The downside is Sassenach Whisky runs out regularly. You’ll want to keep an eye out for new bottles. Snap a photo of it now and share what you are getting…even if it is a little late.

A new kilt as Outlander gifts

Why not buy a kilt for your man? Even if he doesn’t wear it out, having it there for special occasions or just for you both at home (I know what you’re thinking!) makes the money worth it.

You’ll just need to decide on the tartan. If the man in your life is already connected to a Scottish clan, you’ll want to get that tartan. If he’s not, the Fraser tartan definitely makes sense.

A new coffee mug

What about a new coffee mug? You could opt for a normal mug or a travel mug. There are various options on Amazon, Etsy, and more places like that.

One that is a little different is one that has the A. Malcolm, Printer sign and a symbol. All Outlander fans will get that. There is a fun one that says “Je suis prest…after coffee,” which could be just the humor your significant other needs.

Outlander jigsaw puzzle

How about Outlander gifts that you can use together? There are a few options, but a great one is a jigsaw puzzle. You may scratch your head at first, but it’s an excellent gift for during lockdowns when you just can’t leave the house. It can also be fun as you get competitive over finding pieces (only me and my Jamie?).

There are a few jigsaw puzzle options available at the official Outlander store. Find one that takes your Jamie’s fancy.

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Which Outlander gifts are you getting for Valentine’s Day 2021? Share in the comments below.

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