Outlander Book Club: Voyager Chapter 61 breakdown

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Outlander Season 3 — Courtesy of David Bloomer/STARZ

Just the Outlander chapter

The chapter starts with everyone heading back to Rose Hall. Geillis has gone, but everyone hopes they’ll be able to find Young Ian. The only person still around is Archibald Campbell.

The reverend is curious about Claire’s story. While he knows them as the Malcolms, he’s found out from Claire that they are the Frasers. That means Jamie is the James Fraser that he has linked to Margaret, and he wants blood. He won’t listen to Claire’s story that Margaret was in love with someone else.

At the same time, Archibald also shares why he’s there. He was around to explain a prophecy to Geillis. It was all about the next monarch of Scotland. Geillis thinks king, but Archibald points out that the prophecy isn’t clear if it’s male or female. Either way, Geillis believes she has the information she needs, and Claire does later find out that Geillis is after Brianna.

As they talk, Yi Tien Cho turns up. He’s worse for wear, but he makes it very clear that Archibald was the murderer. Archibald is a man who hates women. However, Archibald also knows that Yi Tien Cho was the man who betrayed Jamie.

After killing Archibald, Yi Tien Cho admits that he was the “Englishman” who betrayed Jamie. Claire realizes that it wasn’t “Englishman” but “English name.” Yi Tien Cho felt like he had lost everything that he was, and he blamed that on Jamie. He thought he was surrounded by ghosts, but now he realizes that he is the ghost.

Yi Tien Cho gets away. Claire has to focus on figuring out where Geillis is and getting back to the river. She doesn’t manage to get information on Geillis, except for finding the missing photo of Brianna. Geillis clearly wants to get to Bree.

On the way back to Jamie, a crocodile attacks. Claire rushes away, running into the slaves on the island in the middle of one of their rituals. The men tackle the crocodile and kill it, saving Claire. Ishmael is one of the men. He has returned for the ritual, and Claire realizes that it is for power.

Margaret Campbell is also there. She communicates with the dead and those out of time. When Jamie shows up, Brianna communicates with her parents through Margaret. Claire sees Margaret transform into everyone who she communicates as, and there’s no mistaking the fact that Margaret is Brianna right now.

Bree gets a chance to talk to Claire and Jamie before she disappears again. The ritual is over, and Jamie gets a chance to pass on a kiss from Ewan Cameron, the real man Margaret loved. Jamie couldn’t tell her what really happened to Ewan in fear of his mental state, so he does a sweet thing in allowing her to believe he’s alive but can’t get to her just yet.

Ishmael returns with news that Geillis went to Abandawe and would have taken Young Ian with her. It means they’re both as good as dead, and Ishmael tells Claire not to go there. She’ll die if she goes too, but they have to get to Young Ian. Ishmael tells Claire that as she’s still bleeding she doesn’t have power yet, but she’ll be a great seer when she stops bleeding.

Now it’s time for Claire and Jamie to go to back to Hispaniola to get to Adandawe.

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