Outlander Book Club: Voyager Chapter 60 breakdown

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Outlander Season 3 — Courtesy of David Bloomer/STARZ

Claire and Jamie finally learn who Mrs. Abernathy is in Outlander Book 3, Chapter 60

I’m not quite sure I can believe we’re at this point in the book. We’re onto the last week of the Outlander Book Club for Voyager. In Outlander Book 3, Chapter 60, Claire and Jamie learn the true identity of Mrs. Abernathy.

Looking back, there were certainly clues that it would all lead to Geillis Duncan. The use of the Jacobite rose and the knowledge that Geillis had come to the past with the intention of getting a Stuart king on the throne all connected. But we’d all believed Geillis had been burned at the stake as a witch.

This chapter is an important one for the backstory. We needed to understand how Geillis survived and how she came to be Mrs. Abernathy.

At the same time, it was a chance for Claire and Jamie to find Young Ian. While they wouldn’t see him physically, they knew he was being kept at Rose Hall.

This is a chapter that was partly adapted. Only the most important parts of the story were kept, and the reveal that Geillis was Mrs. Abernathy happened in a different way. For some, the changes will be disappointing, but I thoroughly enjoyed the show’s version of events.

This is a long chapter, coming in at about one-hour-30-minutes on Audible. All the chapters from this point are longer than an hour. There’s still a lot to fit into the story before the end of Voyager. Let’s get into the details of the chapter.

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