Men in Kilts will NOT premiere on Christmas Day

Sam and Graham will appear on TV screens on Christmas, but as part of the Men in Kilts Yule Log

Hold your horses, Outlander fans.  If you’ve been looking ahead in your cable guides for Christmas Day programming, you may have seen Men in Kilts on STARZ on Christmas morning.  Don’t get too excited though.  It’s not the show’s premiere.

What will be airing is the Men in Kilts: Sam & Graham Yule Log video that STARZ first dropped on Dec. 9.  It would be a lovely background to anyone’s Christmas celebrations with footage of a crackling fire and a few segments of Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish sitting in front of that fire.

The Yule Log video is meant to be a promo for Men in Kilts, which will be out in early 2021.  STARZ has done Yule Logs for Outlander before.  There was one with Adso before the fire at Fraser’s Ridge last year and another one with dogs at Lallybroch five years ago.

Sam and Graham’s bits of the Men in Kilts Yule Log video are comedy gold

In their first segment, which starts around 5:30, Sam and Graham are sitting before the fire in their kilts.  So many knees for you to enjoy!  Sam is reading a copy of Clanlands, and Graham is perusing a giant paper road map.  They both keep looking at one another to see what the other one is doing.

In the next segment, at around 20:15, Sam is still reading and tries to show Graham one of the pictures.  Graham is busy pouring both of them a glass of whisky though.  He gives one to Sam, and they clink glasses and take a drink.  Of course they’re drinking some of Sam’s own Sassenach whisky.

The final segment is the best one.  At around 40:10, Graham has fallen asleep.  So Sam decides to wake him up by handing him his whisky glass.  Graham falls asleep again, and the second time Sam uses the poker from the fire!  He pretends he’s done nothing.

So you won’t be getting the actual Men in Kilts show for Christmas, but STARZ will have this little holiday treat for you.  If we’ve learned anything through multiple Droughtlanders though, it’s patience.  We can make it a few more months.

Are you getting excited for the real Men in Kilts?  Let us know in the comments below.

Men in Kilts will air on STARZ in early 2021.