Could Outlander Season 6 start filming January 2021?

A January 2021 return to filming for the new Outlander season looks promising

Right now the question at the forefront of every Sassenach’s mind isn’t necessarily, when is Outlander Season 6 going to premiere? It’s probably, when will the new season begin filming?

Like many shows, Outlander has postponed filming due to the pandemic. Though, the call for new trainees and some recent interviews with our dashing Jamie Fraser are giving us all some hope filming may start soon.

We previously reported a January 2021 start date could be possible, and we may not have been too far off.

The show is currently looking to recruit trainees for multiple behind-the-scenes positions. Traineeships are open in a number of departments including assistant director, props, and video assistant. They plan to put the new recruits to work by this December.

So what does this information mean? Since the trainee program starts in December and the roles of assistant director, props, and video assistant are needed during filming, there’s a big chance Outlander Season 6 will get its cameras rolling early next year!

Possibly starting in January is great news and I really hope this happens not only for us but for the cast and crew. I’m sure many of them miss going to work.

Sam Heughan talks costume fittings and scripts for Outlander Season 6

We know since the early days of the pandemic, the writers have remained hard at work. And it also seems like some of the cast and crew are doing all they can at the moment.

Sam Heughan recently appeared on Live with Kelly and Ryan and mentioned he’s gone in for a few costume fittings for Outlander Season 6.

And when asked whether there will still be intimate scenes this season—”as far as I know yes, I hope so. It’s an integral part.”

Let’s be real. We just can’t have Outlander without Jamie and Claire’s intimate scenes. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again—I’d rather stay in Droughtlander a bit longer than not have any close scenes with our favorite couple.

But it’s not just that. Outlander is a huge production. It requires the work of many people behind the scenes, sometimes many extras are need, or just the fact that recurring characters have to show up in the story.

There’s going to be a lot of challenges to navigate, and one of them is probably the weather. It’s no secret Scotland’s weather can be unforgiving in the summer, let alone in the winter. It’s going to be interesting to see how season 6 turns out and what changes the showrunners may need to make.

But fear not Outlander fans! In a recent interview with The Scotsman, Heughan confirmed he’s read what he believes are the first four scripts for the new season and is hopeful Outlander will be able to make filming work.

Here’s what he told The Scotsman:

We will be back but it’s a big show and lots of people so the logistics are being worked out. Shooting Men in Kilts we were almost guinea pigs for one of the first things to be shot in Scotland, seeing how it all worked with social guidelines. It went without a hitch. I think everyone was just so excited to be back on the road and shooting again. So we’re hoping to be back really soon.

It sounds like Heughan’s experience filming his upcoming docuseries with Graham McTavish went really well. Maybe he can give the show some pointers!

I know the waiting is tough, but we definitely want what’s best for the Outlander cast and crew. We’ll have to remain patient. Their safety is what’s most important. Fingers crossed everyone can return to set soon and our favorite show will be back before we know it!

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Have Sam’s comments given you some hope? Do you think the show will start filming in January 2021? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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