Outlander Season 5 deleted scene: Jamie and Roger duel

We see Jamie and Roger bond more in this Outlander Season 5 deleted scene

Some of the Outlander Season 5 deleted scenes have been officially released. It gives us a chance to see some of the bonus features on the DVD boxset.

There are still many more deleted scenes on the actual boxset, so you don’t need to feel like you’re missing out.

In one of the first released by The Outlander Collector, we get a chance to see Jamie and Roger bond a little. This takes place during Outlander Season 5, Episode 10 when Brianna is abducted by Stephen Bonnet and Jamie and Roger think they’ve set a trap for him. It’s just before when they’re in Wilmington to get a sword for Roger. After all, Roger needs to find the right sword.

Jamie and Roger duel in the street

During the deleted scene, we get a chance to see Jamie and Roger duel in the street. Of course, they’re not really dueling. Jamie gained a new respect for his son-in-law in the previous episode when Roger helped save Jamie’s life.

The actions and words between the two men make it clear that they’re friends. This duel isn’t an actual fight, but more about them testing the new sword, and Jamie testing Roger’s skills a little more.

It’s a bit of fun between them. We see that bond has formed between the two of them during this fight. Both have good things to say about each other. I especially love Roger’s line “I had a good teacher,” which tells me that all the ill-will he had for Jamie in the past after everything that happened has come to an end.

Take a look at the deleted scene:

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Why didn’t this make it to Outlander Season 5?

Of course, the big question for many is why this scene didn’t make it. I guess the show managed to give us a look at Jamie and Roger’s bond forming and growing in other ways. If you ask some fans, there was too much focused on Jamie and Roger and not enough on Jamie and Brianna, so would another scene with Jamie and Roger have been taken all that well?

This could have been a fun scene to add in, but I like that it is a deleted scene. It’s like that little extra story that you get when the season is done; like a novella to the main series.

Overall, the scene doesn’t add anything to the story. It makes sense that this was cut with that in mind.

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What did you think of the Roger and Jamie duel scene? Would you have liked to see it in the main series? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Outlander Season 5 is on DVD and Blu-ray now.