Annette Badland appears in Criminal Season 2

Criminal UK S2. Picture shows: Sandeep Singh (KUNAL NAYYER)
Criminal UK S2. Picture shows: Sandeep Singh (KUNAL NAYYER) /

Annette Badland has a role in one episode of Criminal Season 2

During Droughtlander, you may spend time seeing what former Outlander actors are up to. Annette Badland is one of the actresses to keep an eye on, always popping up somewhere in British TV. Criminal Season 2 is the latest show you can watch.

The four episodes of the second season dropped on Netflix on Sept. 16. Each episode is a standalone story, all set in a police precinct with one suspect per episode. This means there’s no need to sit through all episodes just to see Badland’s role.

You can skip all the way to the fourth episode of Criminal Season 2. Kunal Nayyar plays the suspect, Sandeep Singh. The aim is to find out if he murdered a woman, but instead of giving up information about that, he decides to help with another case. To do so, he wants an agreement for a reduced sentence.

Annette Badland is the prosecutor

To be able to get the reduced sentence, a prosecutor is needed. Natalie Hobbs calls one in, and it’s Outlander‘s Annette Badland who steps into that role. She arranges a deal for Nayyar’s Singh.

It’s a relatively small role, but it’s completely different to Mrs. Fitz. She’s not the bubbly personality you’re used to from Outlander Season 1. In this episode, she’s calm, collected, and professional. She wants to get to the bottom of the case that has driven police for years.

Will she get the answers she’s after? That’s something you’ll need to watch Criminal Season 2 for. The other three episodes are more than worth your time, but it’s Episode 4 where you’ll see Badland in her role.

Check out the trailer for the second season:

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Criminal Season 2 is now available to stream on Netflix.