Droughtlander suggestions: Make Lore your next podcast binge

Make Lore your next podcast binge-listen during Droughtlander

If you’re still looking for ways to get through Droughtlander, we have another podcast recommendation. This one is very different to previous recommendations. It’s all about Lore.

The podcast has nothing to do with Outlander. I’m just going to state that right now. Instead, it’s all about history—and the dark history that many try to forget or overlook. Some of it will connect to things you have learned of or heard about because of the Outlander series and books, but Lore covers history from around the world.

One of my favorite episodes is about Burke and Hare, the Edinburgh murderers who killed people to give their bodies over to surgeons. During the time, surgeons would use the bodies of the dead to teach students and learn themselves, and they were willing to pay!

What is Lore all about?

You may have heard of the Amazon Prime series, which lasted for two seasons. The first season is narrated by Aaron Mahnke, who created and narrates the podcast. While you can watch the show, there’s no way you’ll get as much detail or joy as you will from the podcast. After all, there are far more episodes!

Each podcast episode focuses on something different. There are often a couple of real stories, some with mysterious or unexplained endings and others just to bring the grisly truth, within each episode.

There is so much research that goes into this podcast!

On Aug. 31, the show reached 150 episodes. You’ve got plenty of content to delve into. I listen to it all the time when washing up!

And there are other podcasts within the family. I’ll leave you with the Lore Twitter, where you’ll find out more.

Why Outlander fans will love Lore

One of the reasons we watch and read Outlander is for the history. Real historical people show up in the books and on the show. We’ve learned about the Jacobite rising and the Regulators. The books and show are moving into the Revolutionary War.

This is just a start on the history. If that’s what pulls you into the series, then you need to pay attention to Lore. It goes even further into history, and the real horrors of the world’s history.

There are a few connections back to the series, although you may not even realize it at first. One of the Lore episodes is about Elizabeth Bathory. She bathed in blood to remain young…remind you of a certain time traveler on Outlander Season 3?

The research should also draw you in. You know how much Diana Gabaldon does for her books. Wait until you see just how much research Aaron Mahnke has to do for his.

Which podcasts are you listening to during Droughtlander? What do you think of Lore? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Lore is available on all your favorite podcast platforms.