5 best Jamie moments from the Outlander Season 3 premiere

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Making amends with Rupert

Okay, so it wasn’t quite amends. Rupert made it clear that he couldn’t forgive Jamie. However, he couldn’t be angry at Jamie for the actions in the Outlander Season 2 finale, either.

Jamie had killed Dougal. We know that it was kill or be killed. We also know that it was an attempt to prevent Culloden; to make sure the Highlander way of life wasn’t destroyed. Dougal would have never seen that, and neither would have Rupert.

However, Rupert was a good man. Even to the end, Rupert believed in a higher power, and he wasn’t about to go to his death with anger on his heart. Jamie didn’t want regrets either, and he gracefully accepted everything Rupert was offering.

Wanting to die

Jamie never wanted to survive Culloden. He was sure that he was going to die. He wanted to die with those he fought beside. The idea of somehow miraculously surviving when so many others died was heartbreaking to him, especially with Claire gone.

He tried his hardest to make sure he died. Hal Grey felt the need to repay the debt owed to Jamie. There was no talking the man out of sending Jamie back to Lallybroch.

My heart broke for Jamie when he saw Jenny and Ian and thought he was dead. He had this blissful smile, believing that he’d find Claire again. Then there was the devastating (for him) reality that he was still alive.

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