5 best Claire moments from the Outlander Season 3 premiere

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Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ -- Acquired via STARZ Media Center /
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Outlander Season 3 — Courtesy of STARZ
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Unable to break fully from Jamie

Throughout the Outlander Season 3 premiere, Claire struggles with this connection to Jamie. She can’t break from it throughout the pregnancy, even unable to let Frank touch the growing bump. Okay, it’s her body, but Frank wants to be a father and part of being a father is getting the chance to feel a baby grow.

However, it shows that part of her is still stuck in the past. She’s grieving the loss of her husband, and we see that depression deepening with each scene.

It’s an important reminder of what those years in the past meant. Something to remember is that she says to Frank that they were the best years of her life. She throws it into Frank’s face that she’d rather be back in the past. It’s hurtful, but that’s grief.

The fear of losing her baby

At the very end, we see how births happened in 1940s America. Yes, that is how many women were forced to give birth in hospitals. It showed a stark contrast to the female-led births of the 18th century.

However, it was the moment Claire woke that really broke my heart. She was terrified that her baby wasn’t around; her baby was no longer in her stomach. There was this fear of Paris all over again. Had her baby died?

We see that fear, but there’s also the relief when she sees Frank walking into the room with baby Brianna. There’s a sense of hope after the fear. If only the nurse didn’t say anything about the red hair!

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