How much would Dougal have remembered in the hallway on Outlander?

Outlander Season 1 -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander Season 1 -- Courtesy of STARZ /

Did the hallway incident tell Dougal Claire was a spy on Outlander?

During Outlander Season 1, Episode 4, Claire had no choice but to hit Dougal over the head. While he was knocked out, he may have remembered enough. Could this have furthered his suspicions that Claire was a spy?

Dougal hadn’t just found Claire wandering some hallways unaccompanied against her better judgment. He found her while she was trying to escape. Dressed in a cloak and with a bag, she was ready to leave Castle Leoch.

The glance down to her bag told him she had something she needed to get. He was immediately suspicious, grabbing for the bag as she found a stool to hit him over the head.

Does Dougal remember much of that hallway incident?

It’s hard to say whether Dougal will remember much of the incident on Outlander. He had had a lot to drink and being knocked out wouldn’t have helped his memory.

Jamie made a point of Dougal not wanting to say anything even if he did remember. There’s no way he would have wanted anyone knowing Claire got the better of him. But that doesn’t mean he didn’t remember it all.

It’s clear that Dougal still has reservations about Claire before going on the rent party. The incident with Georgie could have confirmed his suspicions for him. After all, how would Claire have seen men die violently in those times? This wasn’t an accident with a gunshot “violently,” but he knew it was from some type of war.

That mixed with the incident in the hall could have made him fully believe that Claire was some sort of English spy. It’s only after the incident with Black Jack Randall that he’s willing to believe she’s not a spy. More and more “evidence” crops up for him up to that point.

He never talks of the hallway incident again, though. It could be that he wants to avoid embarrassment, but it could also be due to remembering that he was going to rape Claire and he said in the first episode that he doesn’t stand for that.

He likely remembers something, though.

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