Did Claire helping Geordie make Dougal suspect her further on Outlander?

Outlander Season 1 -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander Season 1 -- Courtesy of STARZ /

Did Dougal finish Outlander Season 1, Episode 4 further suspecting Claire a spy?

During Outlander Season 1, Episode 4, Claire’s experience as a battlefield nurse became useful. She helped Geordie find peace before his death.

While it was a peaceful experience for him and it should have led to people gaining more respect for Claire, it may have raised more suspicions for Dougal. We have to remember that up to this point, he was sure Claire was an English spy.

Up to this point, only certain types of women would have been close to the front lines of battle to treat the wounded. And it would have never been on the same level as Claire had seen during World War II. The idea of Claire seeing men die violent deaths would have made Dougal’s spidey senses tingle.

Further proof that she was a spy?

In Dougal’s mind, this could have been further proof he needed that she was a spy. She had experience with men dying violently, suggesting that she would have been at some sort of battle. There weren’t that many big ones in the Highlands between the two Jacobite rebellions, but there may have been some in England. What about France, Germany, other places in Europe?

To have been part of them meant she wasn’t this woman from Oxfordshire she continued to say she was. To him, it meant that she was hiding something else.

Even if Dougal would have been open to believing Claire was a time traveler, he wouldn’t have been able to comprehend everything she did in World War II. Nobody expected the number of casualties in the two world wars.

All this was off the back of Claire hitting Dougal over the head the night before. It’s not clear how much he would have remembered, but he could have remembered the bag and the cloak she wore. That could have hinted she was up to something on the night of the Gathering.

While I do think there was an element of respect for giving Geordie a more peaceful death, it would have also made Dougal suspect Claire even more. It’s no wonder he wanted her on the rent party.

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