5 best Jamie moments from Outlander Season 1, Episode 4

Outlander Season 1 -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander Season 1 -- Courtesy of STARZ /

A look at Jamie’s best moments from Outlander Season 1, Episode 4

Jamie Fraser (or McTavish as he’s still known at this point) nearly loses his life on Outlander Season 1, Episode 4. He would have done if he didn’t think quickly. It’s time to look back at his best moments.

The episode, which aired for the first time on this day six years ago, takes place during the Gathering. Jamie isn’t in the first half of the episode, popping up when Claire trips over him in the stables on the night of the big event.

He had some excellent moments from that point onward. Here are his five best moments from Outlander Season 1, Episode 4.

His attempt to stay away

Jamie knew that the best thing to do during the Gathering was to stay away. If he took the oath, he’d be killed by Dougal. If he didn’t take the oath while in the castle, he would have been killed by Colum and his loyal followers. There was no way around it.

Nobody would have cared about him remaining in the stables. Dougal and Colum wouldn’t have said anything to him, neither of them really wanting him to be there. We see that he’s a smart man.

Escorting Claire back to the castle

While smart, he is also a gentleman. There’s no way he could let Claire walk back to the castle considering the men that are outside. He needed to get her back safely.

Jamie knew that this was a huge risk to himself. However, we get this first look of him putting Claire before his own life when necessary.

Je suis prest

Jamie doesn’t want to wear the MacKenzie crest. That’s not his. He tells Claire what his clan motto is: “Je suis prest.” Claire knows that means “I am ready.”

What exactly is he ready for? In the moment of him saying the motto, it’s clear that he’s ready for whatever he is going to have to face at the Gathering. It’s clear that he’s had to think of this plan just in case. He is ready to do what he needs to do.

Finding a way around the oath

And that is exactly what he does. Jamie doesn’t take the oath, despite knowing it risks his life. Instead, he gives a promise of loyalty and family support for as long as he’s on MacKenzie lands.

He knows that it’s a risk. At the same time, he’s confident. He knows that Colum is likely to accept this. There’s no stumbling over the words. Jamie is a confident man.

‘Did we win?’

Finally, I had to giggle at the game played. A lot of people would be focused on the bit between Jamie and Dougal playing shinty, but it was the ending to it that made me smile. As much as I love the moment of Jamie and Dougal against each other, it was still just a game.

As Jamie is walking off with Murtagh, you can just hear him ask “did we win?” He knew that Dougal was grieving and angry about something. This was how Dougal would always react. Jamie wouldn’t worry about that and went back to the focus of the game to break some of the tension.

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