Outlander Book Club: Book 2, Chapter 30 breakdown

Outlander Season 2 -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander Season 2 -- Courtesy of STARZ /
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Outlander Season 2 — Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander Season 2 — Courtesy of STARZ /

Just the Outlander chapter

We pick up this chapter with Claire, Jamie, Murtagh, and Fergus on their way back to Lallybroch. Claire questions why Broch Turach and Lallybroch are the place’s names. Why is it called “North-Facing Tower” when it’s circular and what is “Lazy Tower” all about?

Well, it all comes down to the door. It faces north. So while a circle doesn’t have a face, the door acts as that.

As for lazy, the tower leans. It’s fallen over a few times and has been rebuilt, but not very well. It’s really rather simple when you think of it.

We do get a little look back at France, as Jared says goodbye to Claire. He’s going to miss them, although he didn’t spend that much time with the Frasers when they were there. I guess he just heard good things and he’ll miss having a great person to run his business while he’s away. The good news is the business in Germany went well.

The chapter also tells us Jamie got stinking drunk to make sure he slept through the journey. It makes sense considering how terrible his seasickness is.

Back in Scotland, one of the horses purchased from Inverness won’t go closer to the house. She’s spooked by something, but Jamie can’t figure out what. Eventually, Ian Murray appears with dogs. He’s missing some sheep and is out looking for them. This could be what the horse is afraid of. After all, eventually, Claire manages to get all the horses to Lallybroch while the Jamie, Murtagh, and Fergus help Ian find the missing sheep.

Before Claire leaves them, there’s a mention of the house that had been burned. It was the MacNab house, with Mary’s husband inside when the fire started. Of course, Ian mentions how it must have been an accident, but everyone knows the truth. Ronnie MacNab had been the one to turn Jamie over to the Watch and everyone got their revenge for that.

Mary and Rabbie are at Lallybroch, though. Ian and Jenny have taken them in and looked out for them, showing us that sense of community at Lallybroch.

When Claire gets to Lallybroch, it’s time for the reunions to start. Claire is home.

This is where Jenny questions who Fergus is. “He’s Jamie’s,” is all Claire can say. And while Jenny knows that this isn’t Jamie’s biological son, it makes it clear that Jamie has pretty much adopted the kid.