Caitriona Balfe to adapt and produce Here is the Beehive novel

Caitriona Balfe has secured the film rights to adapt Here is the Beehive

Caitriona Balfe is using her new producing skills for a new project.

According to Deadline, the Outlander actress will be adapting and producing author Sarah Crossan’s novel “Here is the Beehive.”

Caitriona told Deadline:

I am beyond thrilled that Sarah agreed to collaborate with me to bring her exciting and compelling novel to life for the screen. I was particularly drawn to her portrayal of a flawed, complex and wounded woman, navigating a tragic circumstance somewhat of her own creation.

Deadline also reports that if it works with her schedule, the intention is for Caitriona to star in the adaptation as well.

Both the producer and author of the book are excited to go on this creative journey together!

Check out the tweet below:

I think all of us Outlander fans are also excited for Caitriona! This project will be her first producing gig outside of Outlander. It’s great to see her use her skills outside of acting too. We know how passionate she is about her work, and she’s definitely going to adapt the book so well.

What is the book about?

According to Goodreads, “Here is the Beeline” is a story about estate lawyer Ana Kelly and her three-year affair with her client Connor. One day, Ana receives a call from his wife, Rebecca Taylor, telling her Connor was killed in an accident. No one knows about the affair except Connor’s best friend, Mark. In her grief, Ana seeks friendship with Rebecca and is forced to reconcile painful truths and the fickleness of love and desire.

The plot certainly has me hooked. And if Caitriona has the chance to star as Ana, it seems like she’ll be playing an intense role. But we know she’s definitely up to the task!

Right now with many movies and television shows still on pause due to COVID-19, it’s unknown when Caitriona will be able to return to Outlander or begin work on “Here is the Beehive.”

As mentioned above, Caitriona will most likely star in the adaptation if her schedule allows. I’m sure once people can be back on set, productions will want to get through filming quickly since schedules have already been postponed. On the other hand, it may take some more time depending on what rules and restrictions they’ll have to follow on set.

Honestly, no one knows at this point! We just have to wait and see. But whether Caitriona’s leading this project in front of the camera, behind the camera, or both, we know we’re going to be in for a treat!

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