Outlander Untold: Murtagh and Ulysses story before Jocasta’s wedding

Outlander -- Courtesy of Mark Mainz, STARZ
Outlander -- Courtesy of Mark Mainz, STARZ /

Breaking down the Outlander Untold Murtagh and Ulysses clip

We know there are four Outlander Untold clips coming to the Season 5 DVD and Blu-ray set. These clips are made specifically as bonus features, but they still fit somewhere in the overall story.

Murtagh and Ulysses are getting one of the stories. No, this story could never happen in the books since Murtagh isn’t alive in “Drums of Autumn” or “The Fiery Cross,” but this is what comes when the show makes a few changes here and there. And it’s exciting.

During the Outlander End of Summer Series event on Aug. 23, fans got a glimpse of the Murtagh and Ulysses story. It takes place the night before Jocasta’s wedding, and Ulysses and Murtagh are certainly not on friendly terms.

A special request

Murtagh arrives at the plantation with a gift for Jocasta. It doesn’t sound like he wants to see Jocasta in this moment, as long as he knows that she’ll get his gift. And he wants Ulysses to deliver it.

However, Ulysses is hostile. While he did help Jocasta and Murtagh meet in secret earlier in Outlander Season 5, Ulysses will always put Jocasta first. He loves Jocasta, as we later learn in the season, and he will do anything to make her happy. Seeing Murtagh the night before she’s supposed to marry Duncan Innes isn’t likely to make her happy.

That final moment between the two was necessary, though. It brought us closure to this storyline, while also getting a chance to learn more about Jocasta and her time in Scotland. We saw why she couldn’t be with Murtagh considering the cause he was fighting for.

Back to the clip, we get to see Ulysses be that fierce protector of Jocasta. What makes him decide to see if Jocasta will see Murtagh or not? That’s for us to find out in the full Outlander Untold story on the Season 5 DVD and Blu-ray.

You can watch the entire event below, with the clip at the very end.

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Outlander Season 5 is on DVD and Blu-ray on Sept. 15, 2020.