Diana Gabaldon says Jamie won’t die in Outlander Book 9

Diana Gabaldon settles minds by saying Jamie won’t die in Outlander Book 9

There is one big concern for many Outlander fans when it comes to the book. It’s all about Jamie. Everyone wants to see him live a happy and long life.

During the first event of the Outlander End of Summer series, Diana Gabaldon gave a couple of teases for the ninth book. One of those was to settle those who worry about Jamie’s fate in the book.

Jamie isn’t going to die in “Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone.” It’s not going to happen at all in the ninth book. We can read it safe with that knowledge.

Diana Gabaldon said nothing about Claire Fraser

Maril Davis couldn’t help but point out that Diana never said Claire wouldn’t die in Outlander Book 9. Diana played coy, but I think we can safely say that Claire won’t die in the book. There is a 10th book after all, and the books are Jamie’s story told by Claire.

In fact, Diana mentioned a small spoiler in that our favorite characters won’t die. I think that’s aimed towards the main characters, including Brianna, Roger, Young Ian, Rachel, and others. The characters have had brushes with death in the past and we naturally worry about them, but the deaths aren’t going to happen in the ninth book.

When will Outlander Book 9 be released?

The biggest question for all is when the book will come out. Diana Gabaldon has said she’ll be finished “soon” for some time. Various things have gotten in the way, including a broken shoulder. Diana was even sporting her slight for her broken shoulder during the event with Maril Davis.

The author of the novels still couldn’t answer with a date. That’s out of her hands. Once she’s finished with the book (which she says is close) it will go off to the publishers and it’s the publishers who will set the date. She’ll let us know the date once she has it.

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