What’s the difference between the Outlander Season 5 DVD, Blu-ray, and Collector’s Edition?

Outlander Season 5 -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander Season 5 -- Courtesy of STARZ /

Breaking down the differences between the Outlander Season 5 DVD options

There are so many options when it comes to the Outlander Season 5 DVD. Which version do you get? You need to know the differences to be able to choose that.

Of course, budget is going to come into play. You may not have the money available to get the Outlander Season 5 Collector’s Edition. Do you need it to get the great bonus features?

Outlander Season 5 on Digital

If you don’t have a DVD player, you’re likely looking at a Digital option. You can get all 12 episodes of the season from Sept. 14.

There are no known bonus features being included. But you will get the episodes with just one payment instead of constantly having your STARZ subscription running to rewatch the episodes.

Outlander Season 5 DVD and Blu-ray

The DVD and Blu-ray boxsets are almost the same, with a few extra bonus features on the Blu-ray. The only real difference is the type of disc.

If you only have a DVD player, you’ll need the DVD option. Most people now have a Blu-ray, though, so you can play either version. Blu-rays tend to have the better quality picture, but the price is higher.

As for bonus features, there are plenty.

According to Vital Thrills, you’ll get:

  • All four Outlander Untold segments
  • Two featurettes
  • A glimpse of life on the Ridge with Adso
  • A lyric video

The Blu-ray will also include:

  • 16 deleted scenes
  • Writer and producer commentaries
  • Two more featurettes

Outlander Season 5 Collector’s Edition

This is certainly the most popular version of the Outlander boxsets for the extra features. You get everything from the DVD and Blu-ray boxsets, but you also get to delve deeper into the world.

Not only do you get a special case, but you’ll also grab:

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Which version of the DVD boxset are you getting? Remember, the only “right” answer is the one that’s right for you.

Outlander Season 5 is on DVD and Blu-ray on Sept. 15.