Richard Rankin shares his best concert, favorite comfort food and more

Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ /

Richard Rankin says the best concert he’s been to is a Spice Girls one

The Outlander actors are trying to get us through Droughtlander. The rapid-fire questions is one way to help us get to know the actors better, and Richard Rankin has joined in the fun.

He was asked a series of questions by Outlander PR. For the most part, he stuck with one answer to the question, but there were a few he chose to elaborate on. It’s similar to the way Sophie Skelton took part in the questions recently.

What’s fun about these questions is we just have a short video to get to know them a little better. Richard Rankin’s photography came up, as he was asked about the type of photography he loves the most. It’s all about landscape, which we’ve seen from the various photos he’s shared on his official social media pages.

Something that he couldn’t help chuckling over was the answer to the best concert he’s been to. It turns out that the Spice Girls is the answer to that. We don’t get to know when that was, of course! To be honest, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with spicin’ up your life, and the concerts were always high energy because of the songs.

Based on the answers, he does seem like a guy you can go to a pub with and have a beer. Sometimes, we can look at celebrities and forget they’re just like us, and being reminded of that is something I love about these rapid-fire questions.

What did Richard Rankin want to be when he grew up

I love the answer to what Rankin wanted to be when he grew up. Most people would expect him to say “actor” right away. After all, that’s the job he does now, and it tends to be one of those dream jobs when you’re young.

However, it turns out Rankin was never certain of what he wanted to do. Maybe that’s why he went into acting—he can do it all!

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Which answer did you love the most? What are you doing to get through Droughtlander? Let us know in the comments below.

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