Making sense of the tea leaves on the Outlander series premiere

Outlander Season 1 -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander Season 1 -- Courtesy of STARZ /

We’re looking back at the tea leaves from the Outlander series premiere

As it was the sixth anniversary of the Outlander series premiere on Aug. 9, we’re spending some time looking back at the episode. It’s time to look into the tea leaves and the prediction for Claire’s journey.

Mrs. Graham certainly found the tea leaves and Claire’s palm interesting. The two were contradictory in nature but soon made sense when Claire fell through the stones. It would be interesting to know if she’d thought of the tea leaves and palm reading, and what her journey had been like.

Mrs. Graham seemed concerned about the palm reading and the tea leaves. It was like she felt that something supernatural would happen to her. The tea leaves and palm reading were more than just a bit of fun.

Traveling but staying put

One of the things Mrs. Graham noted was that Claire would go on a journey but she would stay put. She was looking at this too literally.

Mrs. Graham expected the journey to be one that involved a car. Maybe even an airplane. However, the journey Claire would go on would be through the stones. She’d find herself on a journey through time, something nobody could have predicted.

While Claire certainly traveled, she didn’t really go anywhere. Not at first, anyway. Throughout the first season, Claire remained in Scotland. She didn’t go anywhere in terms of distance, meaning the tea leaves no longer looked contradictory.

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Married twice at the same time

Something that concerned Mrs. Graham was that the marriage line showed two marriages happening on Outlander. This wouldn’t be all too difficult to understand at first. It could suggest that Frank would die and Claire would remarry. As upsetting as that could be, it could have meant a long life together and Claire remarried in her 60s, finding love again when she thought it would all be over for her.

However, Mrs. Graham made a note that the marriage line forked. It suggested two marriages at the same time.

Did that mean Claire was a bigamist? That would certainly be a concern for Mrs. Graham reading the lines literally.

In fact, it’s something that plays a part later. Claire does worry that she’s a bigamist, something that Father Anslem helps clear her mind. She is married to two men at the same time, but those men are in different time periods. Frank isn’t even born when Claire marries Jamie, which makes it a little less unethical. There will still be some who believe she’s a bigamist depending on your view of time travel and life.

In short, the tea leaves and the palm reading on the Outlander series premiere made it clear what type of journey Claire would head on, even if we had no idea about the series.

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What did you think about the use of the tea leaves and palm reading? Did you guess everything even before knowing how the story would play out? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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