Outlander premiere: Why Claire had to use her maiden name when in the past

Outlander Season 1 -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander Season 1 -- Courtesy of STARZ /

Claire had no choice but to use her maiden name in the past on Outlander

Yesterday marked the sixth-year anniversary of the Outlander series premiere. We watched as Claire went through the stones once more, leaving the 20th century behind and finding herself stuck in the 18th century.

One thing that still stands out is how Claire immediately uses her maiden name. Even when it comes to Frank, she names him Beauchamp instead of Randall.

She had no choice in the matter. There was absolutely no way she could have used the name Randall, regardless of who she was talking to. In the show, she makes a comment that she doesn’t want anything getting back to Frank—she doesn’t want people finding Frank—but there were other reasons.

Black Jack Randall would have had a lot of questions

Let’s just begin with the fact that it was Black Jack Randall she came across first. Could you imagine using the name “Randall” to him?

Now, we’d probably get away with it. People have traveled more and names have spread further. It wouldn’t be uncommon for someone to run into a person with the same name, especially one like Randall.

But in the 18th century? That wouldn’t have been the case, especially for Black Jack Randall. Had they been somewhere in the south of England, maybe. There could be relatives he didn’t know about. But in the Scottish Highlands? There’s not a chance he would have believed her name to be Randall, especially after he’d already used it to introduce himself.

Claire had to use her own maiden name.

The Highlanders would never have trusted her

Then when it came to meeting the Highlanders, she still needed to use her own surname. It all came down to most of them already having a run-in with Black Jack Randall. It was clear from Murtagh’s words that they knew who the captain of the dragoons was, and there was no love lost.

The idea of saying her name was “Randall” is ridiculous. It would have been suicide for her. Dougal certainly wouldn’t have trusted her. He didn’t trust her already, but she seemed to offer little threat at the time. The idea of her being a Randall would have made him kill her on the spot.

Something in her gut would have told her that. Claire’s survival instincts are excellent.

There is absolutely no chance that Claire could have survived being Claire Randall instead of Claire Beauchamp.

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