Bloodshot is now streaming on the STARZ App

Photo: Bloodshot.. Image Courtesy Sony Pictures Entertainment
Photo: Bloodshot.. Image Courtesy Sony Pictures Entertainment /

Watch Sam Heughan in Bloodshot now streaming on STARZ

We love to support our Outlander actors in other roles. That’s why Bloodshot was something many people were excited about. Starring Sam Heughan in a villainous role, it was supposed to be his time to shine.

Sadly, the coronavirus got in the way. It didn’t get much of an outing in theaters and moved to VOD instead. However, some Outlander fans worried about whether they’d like the movie or not. It’s not the multi-genre fantasy series that Outlander is. You were likely waiting for the movie to head to a streaming service.

The good news is the wait is over. Bloodshot is now streaming on the STARZ App. It’s an early preview of the movie, as it’s not coming to the channel until Aug. 14. Now is the time to see Heughan in a serious action movie (The Spy Who Dumped Me was a comedy action movie).

Who is Sam Heughan in Bloodshot?

Heughan takes on the role of Jimmy Dalton, a former soldier who has been given a new chance at life by Rising Spirit Tech. The company has offered cybernetic enhancements for disabled military personnel.

That should explain the spider-like device Dalton wears in the promos for the movie. It also explains the prosthetic leg you’ll sometimes see.

He certainly doesn’t get along with Vin Diesel’s character, Ray Garrison. Ray is the first soldier to be brought back from the dead with the nanotechnology. Could Dalton be jealous or does he just not trust Ray? You’ll need to watch to find out.

It shouldn’t be too surprising to hear that critics didn’t like Bloodshot. Comic book adaptations don’t tend to get a lot of praise from movie critics. However, audiences have enjoyed it. As it’s on the STARZ App, it’s worth the chance.

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Bloodshot is now streaming on the STARZ App.