The #1 Marsali moment from Outlander Season 5

Outlander Season 5 -- Courtesy of Aimee Spinks, STARZ
Outlander Season 5 -- Courtesy of Aimee Spinks, STARZ /

What was Marsali’s #1 moment from Outlander Season 5, and why?

There were some excellent Marsali moments throughout Outlander Season 5. This was her season to shine.

We’ve already looked back at her top five moments. The #1 moment was when she feared that she would go to hell for killing Lionel Brown. It was such a heartbreaking moment, seeing this strong-willed, kind woman thinking something like this.

I know many people would pick the moment Marsali actually killed Lionel. However, there were a few things about the aftermath that stood out more for me.

Like with the other characters, it’s time to breakdown the moment. Here’s why I picked this as my favorite moment.

A stark contrast to everything else

Throughout Outlander Season 5, we’ve seen Marsali become this loyal, fearsome woman. She is protective of her family, both children and adults. She will do whatever it takes to keep everyone safe, including killing a man who has hurt her “Ma.”

There was even the moment when she gave birth to her daughter in the woods. While she wanted Claire there, Marsali knew that there wasn’t enough time. She knew she had to do this with just Fergus around, and that would mean teaching Fergus what to do at the same time. This is one capable young woman who we can all aspire to be.

Yet, we get this complete opposite personality in this moment in the Outlander Season 5 finale. Marsali is like a little girl again, consumed by this fear that some otherworldly being will send her to hell for her decision.

She needs a parent in that moment. Jamie is that parent. She is like his child, turning to him for help and support as she fears the worst for her soul.

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Outlander Season 5 — Courtesy of Aimee Spinks, STARZmoment /

A reminder of her upbringing

As we get to see Marsali’s personality grow, it’s easy to forget the upbringing that she would have had. She came from a small town. Up to the trip across the seas, Marsali likely never really got out of that small town to see the world.

Even now, that upbringing plays a part in her life. At one point during Outlander Season 5, she thinks back to the past. She comments on how jealous she felt of the Murrays with so many siblings. When she saw the body in the surgery the first time, she was shocked. This went against everything she was raised to believe.

This final moment as she fears hell brings all that back. It reminds us of the upbringing, especially an upbringing with Laoghaire. We get this reminder of how far she has come in world experience but how she will still cling to the past now and then.

Plus, we’ve got to remember the time period. Jamie, Fergus, Marsali, and many more would have strict Catholic beliefs. They’d believe that their souls could be damned. It’s easy to overlook this with conversations not always happening, but Marsali would follow the commandment “Thy shall not kill.”

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What was your #1 Marsali moment from Outlander Season 5? Share in the comments below.

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