Outlander Book 2: In defense of Claire wanting to work at the hospital

Outlander Season 2 -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander Season 2 -- Courtesy of STARZ /

Defending Claire’s argument against Jamie about the hospital in Outlander Book 2

During Dragonfly in Amber/Outlander Season 2, Claire chose to work at the charity hospital. It was something Jamie never wanted. Here’s my defense for Claire’s decision.

Now, I will say that I can understand Jamie’s reasonings for Claire not working there, especially in the book. He was worried about Claire and their unborn baby (mostly the baby). The hospital would be full of disease, meaning Claire was at a risk of catching something. She wasn’t immune to everything, after all.

Yet, Jamie completely overlooked the main reason Claire wanted to do something. She was fed up of the life that they’d been forced into in Paris. Jamie asks her why being his wife isn’t enough, but he forgets a few things about Claire.

She’s not from this time

Claire isn’t from the 18th century. While I’ve always said that she needs to remember her place, that doesn’t stop her from wanting to do more in her life. This isn’t even a 20th-century view. I would love to see Jenny put in this position and forced into just playing lady of the house. She wouldn’t do it!

But Claire is from another time; a time when she has a little more freedom. She doesn’t have to ask her husband for permission to work.

In fact, it’s never been mentioned, but it doesn’t look like she ever had a conversation with Frank about becoming a nurse during World War II. Everyone pitched in where they could, and this was Claire’s contribution to the war effort. Frank was going to be off with MI6 anyway.

Later on, she follows her passions. She wants to better herself, which helps to better her family. Claire has never had to change who she is when it comes to help people, and she isn’t about to do that now.

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She’s used to doing something useful

Claire has always wanted to do something useful. From the minute Claire and Jamie met, Claire was helping him. She put his shoulder back in place and helped with the gunshot would.

Then she worked as the surgeon at Castle Leoch. When she got to Lallybroch, she helped there. Everywhere she has gone up to this point has involved her doing something useful with her time. All except up to now.

Suddenly, Jamie seems to think that she should be happy playing house. Jamie expects her to just accept her position as lady of the house and not do something with her time. Nobody who is used to doing something useful is happy about just sitting around and pretty much doing nothing.

While the charity hospital possibly isn’t the best place considering the disease and her unborn baby, it’s been the first place she’s found where she can contribute. Claire wants to do something useful, and Jamie shouldn’t be surprised about that.

She wouldn’t just be a wife if they lived at Lallybroch

Jamie’s comments about her being happy just to be a wife stand out. They remind us that this is a man who is definitely one of the time. While he does have a few elements that make him a man ahead of his time, he’s still been raised with 18th-century views and opinions. He still knows the place of a woman.

Yet, Claire wouldn’t just be a wife if she was at Lallybroch. She’d do her part, in the same way that Jenny does her part.

For Claire, it would mean helping in a medical element. While she would certainly do her part on the farms, which she does in the Colonies, she would also play her part as a healer. That is her gift, and Claire is willing to find any way to fit it into her new life.

Again, I’d just love to see Jenny in Paris expected to twiddle her thumbs and gossip. I doubt she would!

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What did you think of Claire’s need to work at the hospital? How would you defend Claire’s decisions? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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