Outlander prequel book is likely coming after Book 9

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Outlander Season 2 -- Courtesy of STARZ /

The Outlander prequel book could be released after Book 9

Diana Gabaldon is currently working on the ninth book in Claire and Jamie’s tale. However, that hasn’t stopped her thinking about the future. The Outlander prequel is currently on her mind.

We’ve known for a while that an Outlander prequel is happening. It will be focused on Jamie’s parents, Brian and Ellen Fraser. While we’ve learned a lot about the two of them over the course of the books, there are still a few questions. We’d certainly love to “meet” them in the books, especially Ellen MacKenzie Fraser.

Of course, the ninth book is the most important one right now. “Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone” is one that we’ve waited a few years for, and we know that Gabaldon is working on it. It will happen when it happens, but that hasn’t stopped Gabaldon thinking about the next book.

There will be a 10th book in the main series, but it doesn’t sound like that will be one she’ll work on next. When responding to a comment about a book about Jamie’s parents on Twitter, Gabaldon has suggested that the Outlander prequel book is set to be next.

Diana Gabaldon doesn’t write in a straight line

Something to keep in mind is that this doesn’t mean the 10th book won’t have a few chapters written here and there. Gabaldon has never written in a straight line. She’ll write the chapters that come to her, whether it’s part of the main book her focus is on or something for another novel or novella.

While the prequel book may be on her mind, that doesn’t mean she won’t work on a few bits of the 10th book as they come to her. However, it does sound like the main focus will be about Jamie’s parents once Book 9 is complete.

We’re still not sure when “Bees” will be released. Gabaldon is still working on it. There have been a few setbacks, including recently breaking her shoulder (and we hope it’s healing well!). We’ll get it when we get it!

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Which characters would you love to see a book about? What do you hope to learn in the Outlander prequel book? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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