Outlander Book Club: Book 2, Chapter 5 breakdown

Outlander Season 2 -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander Season 2 -- Courtesy of STARZ /
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Outlander Season 2 — Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander Season 2 — Courtesy of STARZ /

Outlander Book 2, Chapter 5 sees Claire tell Brianna the truth about Jamie

Chapter 5 is the last chapter of Part One of Dragonfly in Amber. It’s also the last chapter in 1968 for a while. Here’s my breakdown of Outlander Book 2, Chapter 5.

Roger, Brianna, and Claire all head to St. Kilda for the day. Claire doesn’t think there’s going to be anything special there, which is why she takes her plant press. However, she soon finds out far more than she bargained for.

It’s an important chapter for the rest of the book. This is the moment that Brianna learns the truth about her biological father. Roger and Brianna also learn that time travel is possible.

Unsurprisingly, Roger is the one most open to the idea of time travel. Maybe it’s part of the research that he’s been doing or just the fact that he’s heard the stories of the stones. He’s also not the one that’s having his whole world shaken up.

Part of me would love to see the last chapter and this one from Brianna’s point of view. She learns a lot about her past, while also learning more about her mother. I’d love to see her thoughts and how she struggles with the truth, but I guess that’s not meant to be. At least not right now.

It’s a 40-minute chapter, so doesn’t take that long to get through. However, it’s packed full of information.

Let’s get into the breakdown of Dragonfly in Amber Chapter 5.