20 best moments from Outlander Season 5

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Outlander Season 5 Episode 8
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8. Roger and Brianna reconnecting after trauma

Episode: Season 5, Episode 8

Outlander Season 5, Episode 8 was not an easy episode to watch. We had to see Roger go through all this pain and trauma after being hanged.

However, the ending brought us light. At one point, that was literal. We saw that Roger’s light at the end of the tunnel was Brianna. She was the last person he saw when he thought he was going to die.

It brought us the moment at the very end of the episode. Roger returned to Brianna and immediately called out her name. He made it clear that he was back for her and Jem.

7. Ulysses risking his life to save Jocasta

Episode: Season 5, Episode 10

While Jamie and the others looked for Brianna, Jocasta called Forbes to help give away some of her inheritance. Of course, it was all part of a bigger plan. They’d all realized at this point that Forbes had been planning on helping Bonnet steal from Jocasta.

At first it was a game, but it ended up being a dangerous decision. Forbes attempted to kill Jocasta.

Ulysses stepped in and saved his mistresses. At this point, we thought he was still a slave, so he was literally putting his life on the line by attacking a white man. Even without being a slave, as a Black man, he was putting his life on the line, but he was more than willing to for Jocasta.