20 best moments from Outlander Season 5

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Outlander Season 6
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20. Richard Brown declaring the blood feud

Episode: Season 5, Episode 12

At the end of the finale, Jamie took Lionel Brown’s body back to Brownsville. It was a moment of honor for Jamie, but there was something else about this scene that stood out.

Richard Brown was calm and respectful. He understood why Jamie did what he did. Killing Lionel was a dangerous move, but it was something that Jamie had to do for the honor of his wife. Richard would have done the same.

That doesn’t mean Richard is just going to accept it. As Jamie leaves, Richard makes it clear that he will do what it takes to get his own revenge. Jamie’s family isn’t safe.

This moment gives us something to be concerned about during Outlander Season 6. With the loss of Bonnet as a villain, we need someone else. Richard Brown becomes that.

19. Ulysses explaining his freedom

Episode: Season 5, Episode 11

The penultimate episode had a lot happen. One of those was figuring out what Ulysses would do next.

In the episode before that, he’d killed a man to save his mistress. However, this wasn’t an instant death sentence, but it would likely mean death for him. You see, Ulysses is a free man.

Ulysses explains to Claire and Jamie that Jocasta had signed his papers to make him a free man. He chose to remain with her, and we knew it was all about love.

This was a side to Ulysses that we’d only had the odd glimpse off. It was never clear if Jocasta returned the feelings for him on the show. It’s something definitely to enjoy the books for, though!

I’m just glad it was included. It may have been brief, but it was enough for Outlander Season 5.