20 best moments from Outlander Season 5

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Outlander Season 5
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4. Murtagh’s ultimate sacrifice

Episode: Season 5, Episode 7

While I understand why Diana Gabaldon killed Murtagh off at Culloden, I was really appreciative that he was saved and used the way he was for Outlander Season 5. I had the chance to connect to the Regulators’ struggles in a way that I never could in the books.

I also got to see Murtagh’s death to really feel like I could mourn him, something that I couldn’t do in the books.

We got this moment of seeing him sacrifice himself for Jamie. He pushed a man away so Jamie couldn’t be shot, but he must have seen one of Jamie’s men coming up considering the layout of the woods. Even if he didn’t see the boy, Murtagh knew the risks.

He was always looking out for Jamie. Murtagh would never break that oath he made, and he paid the ultimate price for it.

3. Brianna and Roger’s wedding

Episode: Season 5, Episode 1

I may be cheating here. There are lots of moments from the wedding episode that stand out. Everything just works together so beautifully together. I loved Brianna and Claire’s moment together, the way the premiere starts with Roger and Jamie, and the moment Jamie and Brianna get.

However, it’s the wedding itself that stands out. We get this moment of Jamie and Claire thinking back to their own wedding, looking back at something that was iconic for the show.

Plus, it a reaffirmation of their vows. Their love has only grown stronger over the last 20+ years.