Why won’t Outlander have a panel at Comic-Con@Home?

Outlander Season 5 -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander Season 5 -- Courtesy of STARZ /

When will Outlander start promoting the new season of the series?

SDCC 2020 is working very differently this year. We’re getting Comic-Con@Home, which is a chance for everyone around the world to watch the panels for free. Outlander isn’t going to be one of them.

Why is that? Wouldn’t this be the perfect time to do some promotion for the show?

It’s all about timing. Something to remember is that Outlander Season 6 hasn’t even started filming yet. We’re looking at fall 2020 at the earliest for this to happen. Scotland is starting to open up, but there are restrictions on travel from the U.S., which could halt a few things for the showrunners.

We’ve seen in the past that SDCC hasn’t always been the best time for promotion. Take Seasons 4 and 5 as examples. Both of these got NYCC panels instead of SDCC due to the timing of the releases. With a November and February release date respectively, it made more sense to choose the convention later in the year.

Could NYCC 2020 be a better time for promotion?

Even this year, we’re possibly not going to see the show get a panel at NYCC. That’s if NYCC even happens! I’m still expecting it to be canceled or restricted in some way.

NYCC happens during the first weekend of October. If filming is able to start in September, there still isn’t going to be much to talk about. Even though the scripts are written, things could change. Some settings may not quite work. All the cast and EPs would be able to talk about is the fifth season.

It makes more sense to hold off panels until closer to Outlander Season 6. That way, there are some teases to share. We’re looking at something like an exclusive first-look at the trailer for the season or a sneak peek. If it’s closer to the time of premiere, it could be an exclusive screening of the very first episode.

Don’t think that the lack of Outlander at Comic-Con@Home is a bad thing. It’s all about getting the timing right for promotion, and now definitely isn’t the right time.

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