Outlander Book Club: Book 2, Chapter 3 breakdown

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Outlander Season 2 finale
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Connecting to the Outlander TV series

This chapter wasn’t used within the TV series. While we do see Brianna and Roger head off on a trip of their own, they don’t go to Culloden. Instead, Claire goes up there. She doesn’t have this aversion.

The Outlander Season 2 finale sees Claire open up to the Fraser headstone. She believes that Jamie is buried there and wants to tell him that she was angry at him for forcing her back to her own time. Claire would have remained in the past, despite all the risks.

However, now she accepts the sacrifice Jamie made. She accepts that being in the 20th century was better for Brianna, and she has a lot of good to share about Bree’s personality and sense of character.

There wasn’t much time in the finale. Some of the chapters had to be switched out, changed completely, or just entirely missed out. It did mean some changes to the relationship between Claire and Brianna. There wasn’t the time to show that they did have a fond relationship.

It’s understandable that so much had to be left out. I do think they could have shown more of a warmer relationship between mother and daughter, but it was likely done to show how much of a Daddy’s Girl Bree was. It made the truth hurt so much more with that sense of betrayal.

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