Outlander Season 6: Could Governor Tryon return to the series?

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Is there a need for Governor Tryon on Outlander Season 6?

Tim Downie certainly brought Governor Tryon to life during the previous two seasons of Outlander. As we wait for Season 6, we want to know who could return and who won’t. What about Governor Tryon?

If the show follows the books, there’s not a chance that Tryon will return. Well, at least not up to Book 8. We have no idea if Diana Gabaldon is bringing Tryon back for Book 9 or 10 until we get them. Up to this point in the books, Tryon is in New York and isn’t even mentioned again.

But this is the TV series, a series that is known for bringing characters back when they’re not in the books. Murtagh was kept alive at the end of Culloden while John Quincy Myers has gained a much bigger role than in the books. Could the same apply to Governor Tryon?

It’s unlikely that Tryon will return to Outlander

As much fun as Tryon has been (and yes, there were moments I laughed at his statements), there’s no need for him to return. It would require some substantial changes to Outlander to make the character fit in.

We learned during Season 5 that Tryon had been promoted to the Governor of New York. After Alamance, that’s where he headed. Jamie had to send word to him to arrange for help when it came to Stephen Bonnet’s execution.

Of course, there is the chance for Tryon to return during the Revolutionary War. It’s only really just getting underway in the books, but there’s a chance that this timeline will be pulled forward a little on the show. There have been hints of it at the end of Season 5 (talking of the storm) and in interviews.

While maybe not Season 6, we could find Tryon is forced south to fight the war in a potential seventh season. So, it may not be the totally last time we’ve seen the character.

When it comes to characters that haven’t been killed off, I always say “never say never.” There is a chance a character will return, but I doubt that it will happen, at least in Outlander Season 6.

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Would you like to see Governor Tryon return? What was your favorite Tryon moment? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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