15 best Brianna moments from Outlander Season 5

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Outlander Season 5
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12. Episode 8: Showing Roger some tough love

After Roger’s hanging, he buried into himself. Brianna tried everything to help him, encouraging him to speak more after he’d shouted out to save Jemmy from burning himself. Yet, Brianna felt Roger pushing her away.

In the end, Bree realized there may only be one way to get through to him. She needed to show him a little tough love. After all, she’d been through traumatic events, too. There were times she wished she was dead, but she had to fight for Jemmy and for Roger. So, she needed Roger to fight for them.

Bree is a fiery person. She’s stubborn but she’s also kind. We see two distinct sides to her in this episode, and it’s all to help Roger.

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11. Episode 10: Saying goodbye to Marsali

With all the bonding that happened throughout the season, we needed to get a goodbye between Marsali and Brianna. It was actually a goodbye between Bree and Roger and Marsali and Fergus. After all, both Bree and Roger had both bonded with Marsali and Fergus.

The goodbye with Marsali brought so much emotion. We got a little hint of Marsali being pregnant again, along with this chance to see what the bond had become. There wasn’t much time to show this bond on the screen, but it was easy to believe the development of the sisterly relationship that had developed off-screen.