Lauren Lyle discusses her new podcast and female friendships

Outlander Season 5 -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander Season 5 -- Courtesy of STARZ /

Lauren Lyle shared how She’s a Rec’ came about and female friendships

We’ve all come to know and love Lauren Lyle as Marsali on Outlander. However, she’s done so much more.

Lyle sat down with Reshma Gopaldas to talk about her new podcast, She’s a Rec’. At the same time, Lyle talked about strong women and female friendships, both of which are important.

It all started with a look at how Lauren got the role of Marsali on Outlander, which turned out to be a disaster of the day. However, that disaster meant that she was her usual chatty self and it all ended up with something good. It sounds like Lauren’s personality is a lot like Marsali’s just from this little tidbit.

Starting She’s a Rec’

We learned earlier this year that Lyle had started a new podcast, She’s a Rec’, which is focused on recommendations and all about women supporting women.

What surprised me in this interview is why Lyle started this specific podcast. Why is it so focused on women? It turns out that it’s linked to much of her favorite content coming from men. How did that affect her as a person? So, she wanted to offer something different, supporting more women to help careers grow.

I also found that lockdown was the reason for the launch. This was a podcast she’d been working on toward the end of 2019, but lockdown felt like the perfect time for release. And it certainly makes sense since so many people were looking for new content at the start of lockdown.

Women supporting women

Something that we need to see more of on-screen is women supporting women. It’s something I’ve enjoyed about Burden of Truth (Season 3 has an Outlander actress, by the way) and is something that Outlander does offer.

It’s a show that reminds us that women don’t always need men to help them—but it’s not weakness to ask for help. Behind the scenes, there’s a lot of women supporting each other.

We see too much of women knocking others down. But we should make sure other women are heard from. We all have something different to offer.

There is a lot of praise for Caitriona Balfe on the Outlander set. If you thought Claire and Marsali’s growing, supportive relationship Is on the series, it’s all very similar behind the scenes. Lauren says that she and Caitriona talk about news articles a lot and have discussions about events while they’re waiting for scenes.

One of the examples of support was when Lyle talked to Balfe about her podcast. There were no questions about what would happen on the podcast and whether schedules would fit. Balfe immediately supported Lyle on the journey and became the first guest.

It’s a brilliant interview that really reminds us of the power of female friendships and support. This is certainly worth a watch.

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What do you think of Lauren Lyle’s She’s a Rec’? Who would you like to see on an episode? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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