Outlander Season 2, Episode 12 ratings throwback: Penultimate episode ticks up

How did the live ratings for Outlander Season 2, Episode 12 fare?

On this day in history, Outlander Season 2, Episode 12 aired for the very first time. As the penultimate episode of the season, we knew that it would bring intense moments and end us with a cliffhanger. But how did the ratings fare?

The live ratings were strong. After a bit of a sluggish period, they ticked up in both the demo and total audience. According to TV Series Finale, the demo was up by 15% and the audience was up by 21%.

While it was nothing like the start of the season, it’s still important to remember that these ratings didn’t matter. STARZ cared about those tuning in through the app, whether directly or through something like Amazon Channels. The Nielsen live ratings are for advertisers, which isn’t something STARZ has to worry about.

But it is a good indication of how the show performed. It’s a look at a rough number of viewers tuning in to see how the Battle of Culloden would all play out.

A last-ditch effort

Outlander Season 2, Episode 12 is not an episode to miss. It offers so many answers to questions and wraps up a few storylines allowing the full 1740s storyline to come to an end. We find out that Black Jack Randall wasn’t Frank’s direct ancestor but did marry Mary Hawkins. It’s a shock to the system, but it does allow us to breathe a sigh of relief that Frank isn’t Black Jack.

We also get the chance to say goodbye to Colum MacKenzie. As a formidable figure at Castle Leoch, it’s only natural that we (and Dougal) got to say a bittersweet goodbye. If you thought Angus’s death was a tear-jerker, this one was especially moving considering all the circumstances.

Finally, there’s a chance to succeed at Culloden. It’s something Jamie and Claire didn’t think possible, but it’s time for a hail Mary. Only, we find out that it’s not to be. The others don’t want to ambush the British, and so, Culloden is doomed to fail.

We finished this episode with the knowledge that we’d have a week off before the season finale. Oh, that was torture.

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