15 best Roger moments on Outlander Season 5

Ranking the 15 best Roger moments from the whole of Outlander Season 5

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Roger certainly had some major development throughout Outlander Season 5. He’s come a long way since being the professor at an English university. By the end of the season, he admits that he’s home in the past.

But it took a while to get there. Roger had to go on a journey that involved him almost losing his life. He had to find himself again after losing a major part of him.

Yet, we got a season full of growth. It’s important to empathize with who he is. While we want our characters to just accept what life is throwing at them, that’s not realistic. Roger is a man of his own time and never had plans to remain in the past. He’s always wanted to return to what he thought is home but stayed for Bree and Jemmy.

With the journey, there were some excellent moments. It’s time to break down the 15 best Roger moments throughout Outlander Season 5.

15. Episode 10: Mercy or to make sure?

Roger gets a lot of flack for asking questions. However, we have to remember that he’s a historian. He wants to learn and understand, and that can mean asking some inappropriate questions at time.

At the end of Outlander Season 5, Episode 10, Roger took Brianna to Bonnet’s execution. He waited while she shot Bonnet to he didn’t have to drown. Was it an act of mercy or just to make sure this monster was dead? That’s something we were all wondering, and something Roger decides to question.

He doesn’t get an answer. And my favorite part of this moment was how Roger just accepted that. He didn’t push Bree for an answer, showing that he has grown considerably over the seasons.

14. Episode 7: Trying to get Murtagh to change his mind

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Roger is the one that volunteers to head out to Murtagh when Bree shares they’re going into the Battle of Alamance. All Roger wants to do is bring an end to the War of the Regulators. He wants to prevent as much death as possible. Getting Murtagh to stop the battle is the best way to do that.

However, he knows that he’s putting himself at risk. Jamie knows that it’s a risk.

This is the enemy’s camp Roger is going into. And he’s wearing the yellow flower to mark him as one of the militiamen. If he was caught before getting to Murtagh, there’s no telling what would happen. And we know what happens after (although that’s mostly because he hugs Morag).

Roger’s bond with Murtagh had grown off screen. That’s the least we can assume. And he knows that there’s a chance he can get through to Murtagh to call off the war so he takes the risk for all.

13. Episode 4: Singing to boost morale

Roger is not a fighting man. This is pointed out time and time again. Yet, Jamie as put some trust in him to lead the men. While Jamie has done it to protect Roger, the other men see it as Jamie trusting Roger.

So, Roger needs to find a way to make living in the past as captain of the militia work. He messes up now and then, but he does find a place. He’s able to boost morale through the use of his voice.

Of course, the amount of singing Roger does in the earlier episodes is actually to show just how devastating it is that he loses his voice later. However, this moment in Outlander Season 5, Episode 4 also shows Roger trying to fit in, and that’s a big step.

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12. Episode 1: Saying his oath to Jamie

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The Outlander Season 5 premiere was full of some big moments. While I’m sure many would expect wedding moments to make it to this list, there are other moments that stand out for me. This post is about Roger moments—his growth as a character.

So, it comes down to the oath-taking. Roger has to take a second to think about what Jamie is clearly asking. When it’s a general call for people to step forward, Roger struggles. He hesitates long enough for someone else to step forward.

Jamie has to find another way to encourage Roger to step forward. And when Roger does, he does it with courage and respect. He also shows that just because he’s not a man of the time doesn’t mean he doesn’t know what to do. He says the oath without Jamie whispering the words.

11. Episode 2: Communicating with Brianna in the woods

One of the downsides of Outlander Season 4 was not getting to see Bree and Roger together and happy. Almost every episode ended up with them arguing or separated in some way. So, it was important that Season 5 offered us a chance to see their relationship grow.

That was done quickly. In Episode 2, we saw Brianna teaching Roger how to shoot. That opened up an honest conversation.

It’s a huge step for Roger. He was calm and honest, sharing his thoughts and feelings. At the same time, he listened to Brianna. They didn’t argue, which is the way things would have ended before.

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10. Episode 8: Saving Young Ian despite his own pain

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During Outlander Season 5, Episode 8, Roger had to face his demons. Claire had saved his life but couldn’t save his voice. After his throat had healed, there was a mental block. He couldn’t let himself talk as he worked through the trauma in his head.

We got an episode with flashbacks that were extremely powerful. However, it’s the ending that this moment comes from.

Despite his own pain, Roger could tell that Young Ian was in pain. Despite considering suicide, he needed to prevent Young Ian from killing himself. And so, he saved Young Ian.

It led to a bond between the two that I don’t think will ever be broken. There’s something powerful that comes from healing with someone else.

9. Episode 1: Giving Jocasta a piece of his mind

Who didn’t love the moment when he gave Jocasta what for? She’d riled him up by making it clear that Brianna wouldn’t be getting her inheritance after all. Jemmy would get it because she clearly didn’t trust Roger.

That didn’t bother Roger. He wasn’t marrying Bree for money but for love. However, it certainly angered him.

He made it abundantly clear that Jemmy is his son. No matter what blood says, he will treat Jemmy as his son and he loves Brianna. It’s the type of reaction Jocasta wanted, but it was also excellent to see Roger stand up for himself.

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8. Episode 4: Speaking of love

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It’s easy to forget some of the earlier episodes with storylines that don’t stand out all that much for the overall season. That’s the case with Episode 4, which is mostly a contained episode. However, it has an important moment for Roger.

When Isaiah Morton returns for Alicia Brown despite the danger posed to him, Roger knows that love makes a person do stupid things. It’s also something Jamie understands.

This is a chance for Jamie and Roger to see eye-to-eye on something. They know each other is speaking the truth. More importantly, it gives Roger a chance to speak up and help someone, showing that he can be useful in this time period.

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7. Episode 5: Speaking to Claire of secrets and regrets

During Outlander Season 5, Episode 5, Roger finds a gem that Bonnet gave Bree. He also learns that Bree doesn’t believe Roger is Jemmy’s father. It’s a huge blow for Roger, who is sure that he could be Jem’s father; who is acting as if he is Jem’s father.

It leads to Roger staying out all night, which is where Claire stumbles upon him the next morning. Claire has become someone for Roger to speak openly with throughout the season, which is certainly needed, and she’s able to offer him a few words of advice here.

What he wants to know is whether she regretted not telling Bree the truth about Jamie at a younger age. And rather than arguing with her, he just listens to her explanation and accepts it. It helps him understand what will be right for raising Jemmy now.

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6. Episode 6: Finding a way to deal with the locusts

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While Jamie and Claire are at Jocasta’s wedding, Bree and Roger remain at the Ridge. Roger is in charge and needs to keep the people of the Ridge calm when there’s the threat of locusts.

It’s up to him not just to keep people calm but to protect Jamie’s crops. He needs to do something to make sure nobody will starve in the winter. We get to see him problem solve in a way that can work for the past; with the “technology” they have available at the time.

This is a moment for Roger to prove himself as capable as a husband. He proves himself worthy of being Jamie’s captain of the militia. And it gives him a boost in confidence as he realizes that he can deal with situations.

5. Episode 10: Taking down Bonnet

In the previous episode to this moment, Roger isn’t sure he can take a life. He admits to Jamie that he doesn’t think he can even kill a man like Bonnet. However, once he gets time to think about it, he realizes that he can.

As Jamie, Roger, and Young Ian head out to lure Bonnet into a trap, Roger makes one request. He wants to be the one to take down Bonnet. The standout moment is when he gets the chance at the end of the episode. As Jamie and Claire help Bree, Roger chases after Bonnet to make sure the pirate can’t escape.

We get to see this primal side of Roger; this man who wants revenge and wants to protect his wife at the same time. He’ll do whatever it takes to keep her safe.

But he doesn’t actually kill Bonnet. He knocks the pirate out and then leaves it up to Bree to decide what to do.

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4. Episode 9: Being there when Jamie woke

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There are some excellent Roger moments from Episode 9. He’s the one that finds a way to save Jamie’s life in the woods and takes steps to get Jamie back to the Ridge for Claire’s medical help. This whole episode sees Jamie and Roger’s bond change; the family drama comes to an end.

However, it’s the ending to the episode that stands out. When Jamie’s life and leg are saved, Jamie is left to recover. When he wakes up the next morning, Roger is the one by his side.

Roger knows what it’s like to wake from trauma. He knows that Jamie will need someone. If it can’t be Claire or Brianna for whatever reason, he will make sure that it’s him. It furthers that bond between these two men.

3. Episode 1: Making the blood oath

One of the downsides of this moment is that it’s in private, but it’s the thought that counts. After the incident with Jocasta, Roger storms back to the cabin. He does something that he should have done a long time ago.

Roger makes a blood oath. This claims Jemmy as his own son. He makes it clear that it doesn’t matter what the DNA says. All that matters is that he views Jemmy as his own son. He, Bree, and Jemmy are a family.

This continues. Throughout the series, we get moments of Roger being a father to Jemmy, including those sweet moments of singing to Jemmy.

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2. Episode 8: Seeing Brianna as the light in the darkness

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This isn’t the number one moment?!? What?!? I know that’s what you’re thinking, but there’s a bigger moment from the same episode that stands out as the top Roger moment from Outlander Season 5 for me.

This moment is number two. Throughout the episode, Roger has struggled with flashbacks of being hanged. Everything is as a silent movie, torturing him with replays of being dragged to the tree and being awake as the barrel is knocked from beneath his feet. All he can do is grab the rope in hope that he can somehow save his life.

Not being able to sing is a constant reminder of what happened. The loss of his voice is the physical trauma, but there’s so much going on in his head. He can’t see past the darkness.

It’s only when he really contemplates suicide. He looks over the cliff edge and he allows himself to play out the memory in full. The color starts to come back, sound is heard, and he gets to the end. He starts to see the light in the darkness.

Last words don’t matter. Last thoughts are most important, and for Roger, his last thoughts were Bree.

So, what’s the number one moment?

1. Episode 8: Saving Jemmy from being burned

It’s all about when Roger used his voice in this episode. Roger refused to talk. It wasn’t that he couldn’t physically talk, but there was a mental block. He buried his weapon, as Young Ian said to him.

The trauma was too much. While everyone else carried on around him, he was stuck partially in the past. He couldn’t move forward and refused to speak until he could.

That is until he saw Jemmy reach out for the boiling kettle. All thoughts of trauma disappeared. His parental instincts took over and he shouted out to Jemmy. It made everyone jump and it certainly terrified Jemmy, but better a terrified child for a few moments than a burned and scared one for life.

Within eight episodes, we’d watched Roger take the blood oath and be a father to Jemmy. That all stood out in this moment because no matter what was going on in his life, the only thing that mattered was Jemmy’s safety.

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What were your favorite Roger moments from Outlander Season 5? Share them in the comments below.

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