Outlander Book Club: Book 1, Chapter 16 breakdown

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Outlander Season 1 — Courtesy of STARZ

Claire and Jamie get to know each other more in Outlander Book 1, Chapter 16

After chapters focused on the wedding and the wedding night, Jamie and Claire get a chance to know more about each other. It’s time to break down Outlander Book 1, Chapter 16.

This is possibly the point that some readers have dropped away from reading a chapter a day. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to find time. If you’re not caught up, don’t feel pressured to join in with this specific post. You can always click on the Outlander Books category on the site and find all previous discussions. Join in whether you’re at in the books.

This chapter is one of the longer chapters in the book. According to Audible, it takes almost an hour. There are some longer chapters, but this is the second-longest of this particular part in the book. Chapter 22 is the one that’s going to beat it.

The show certainly adapted this part of the book to bring in a few elements for future references. It had also adapted some of the chapter earlier in the series, which meant adding new elements to this part in the show. We’ll get to that in the show breakdown.

The important part of this chapter is the focus on Jamie sharing a little more about his family—and his connection to the MacKenzies. We learn more about the danger he was in during the oath-taking ceremony.

If you’re ready, let’s move into the breakdown of Outlander Book 1, Chapter 16.

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