Outlander Book Club: Book 1, Chapter 15 breakdown

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Outlander Season 1 — Courtesy of STARZ

Claire and Jamie consummate their marriage in Outlander Book 1, Chapter 15

The after-the-wedding celebrations take place in Outlander Book 1, Chapter 15. For Claire and Jamie, it means learning more about each other and consummating their marriage.

This is a relatively long chapter, coming in at just under an hour on Audible. It’s one that has some details about Jamie’s family. At first, it would be easy to gloss over these details, but they do come up a little in later parts of the books.

However, we’re focused on this chapter, on Claire and Jamie learning more about each other. They have to consummate their marriage to make it legally binding, otherwise it could be annulled. There’s no way that any of them can allow that to happen, which is why the men from the rent party remain downstairs. They’re waiting for some sort of proof that Jamie and Claire have done the deed.

That doesn’t mean they’re going to do it right away. We see both of them nervous, finding the courage to do what they know has to be done. And something that Claire realizes she does want.

And, of course, there was no way it was possible this chapter could be skipped from the show. It was used almost in its entirety in the series.

Let’s get into the breakdown of Outlander Book 1, Chapter 15.

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