Claire’s #1 moment from Outlander Season 5

Breaking down my reasons for Claire’s #1 moment on Outlander Season 5

Claire certainly had some standout moments throughout Outlander Season 5. However, there’s one that stands out for me above all the rest.

It’s something I could briefly touch on when I broke down my top 15 Claire moments from the season. However, like with the #1 Jamie moment, I want to break down all the reasons I’ve picked this one moment.

The #1 moment is when Claire saved Jamie’s life from the snakebite. No, I’m not talking about being willing to amputate his leg. I’m talking about that moment in bed when Jamie was starting to give up on life. Claire found a way to bring him back; a way that only she could do.

Making love without making love

Sam Heughan had mentioned there was a moment on Outlander Season 5 that Claire and Jamie make love without making love. I’ve often wondered if this is that moment. It certainly feels like it.

Claire is scared. She’s on the verge of losing her husband, a husband who has asked her to let him die instead of amputating his leg. He can’t live as part of who he used to be, whether he’s selfish for it or not. Of course, Claire struggles with that. She just can’t bear to lose him, but she knows if she goes against his wishes that he’ll hate her forever.

And so we come to this moment. Jamie had dragged himself to bed. Not only did he know that Claire would have slept in the kitchen with him, but I get the sense that he knew Claire wouldn’t only do what needed to be done if they were alone in their room.

She’d already promised that she would do what needed to be done. That was a promise made in Episode 3 of the season, outside the Beardsley home. By Episode 9, she can’t quite do it; she can’t quite say goodbye to her husband even though he wishes for it. Instead, what she needed to do was bring him back from the brink of death.


Outlander Season 5 — Courtesy of STARZ

Knowing she needs to get his heart rate up, Claire does the one thing that she can. It’s not modern medicine. It’s actually something many wives probably wouldn’t think of. She gets the blood flowing by , well, I’ve got to somehow keep this explanation PG. I think you know what she was doing under the covers, right?

She also uses her own body heat to help. By stripping off and cuddling him, she uses skin-to-skin, which is routinely suggested for babies to help regulate their body temperature after birth. It’s also used to help people with hypothermia to bring their body temperatures back. Claire, as a doctor, would know that this is important.

At no point does Claire think twice about what she’s going to do to save Jamie. She does whatever he needs in that moment, because there’s no way in hell she’s going to lose him again.

Jamie’s #1 moment for me was all about his love for Claire. I don’t think it’s going to be surprising that Claire’s #1 moment for me is when she did everything she could because of her love for Jamie.

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