25 best Claire and Jamie moments on Outlander: ‘Safe’

Claire telling Jamie she felt safe is one of our top Claire and Jamie moments on Outlander

There have been some excellent Claire and Jamie moments throughout the course of Outlander. The fifth season is no exception, bringing some of the most memorable moments for the two. The last to make our list of 25 best Claire and Jamie moments on the show so far from Season 5 is from the finale. It’s when Jamie made Claire feel “safe.”

You can check out where this moment makes it to the list right now. You’ll also see the other 24 standout moments, including many from Season 5.

The show made the decision to end the fifth season with a storyline from the sixth book. After saving Claire from her captors, Jamie did what he could to make Claire feel comfortable. That meant wrapping himself around her and letting her feel calm and comfortable.

In the novels, this moment does involve Jamie and Claire having sex. While I understood why Jamie did it, there has always been something about it that didn’t sit right with me. Sure, Claire could have said no, but I just didn’t like Jamie making the suggestion so soon after her attack.

The show decided to skip over that. Sure, they may have had sex but it was never explicitly said. All we got was them lying together, with Claire in a vulnerable position. She was naked with Jamie in bed, but she made it clear that he made her feel safe. And that’s all that mattered in the moment. She needed someone to give her that sense of security, and of course, Jamie was going to be the one to do it.

As it happened, there was a heaviness to the scene. We had the storm rolling in, which also reminded us that there is a metaphorical storm coming. The Revolutionary War is just a few years away. There aren’t going to be many safe moments for any of them soon.

What were your favorite Claire and Jamie moments throughout Outlander Season 5? What did you think of the way the fifth season ended? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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