Outlander filming locations: Brownsville found but you won't be able to visit

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Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ

Brownsville isn’t one of the locations that will be on an Outlander tour

One of the things many Sassenachs like to do is visit the various Outlander filming locations. Many are on public land or are visitor locations, which makes it very easy. Now and then, a location is on private property.

That’s the case with Brownsville. It’s located on private land near Callender, according to Outlander Locations. While the team that scours around for filming locations has found the exact spot thanks to some friends in the area, they’ve not released the name.

It's unlikely that fans will get to see the real place that is used for Brownsville. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, either.

Keeping the location possible for Outlander Season 6

The team behind Outlander Locations made the decision not to reveal the name of the land for the sake of the show. This is a location that the show may want to return to during Season 6. By revealing the name, fans could flock to the location and be an annoyance to the people who own the land and agreed to allow it to be used for filming. They could revoke that use if things get too much.

While the show has been good for Scottish tourism, there have also been some problems. The land around the Fraser headstone at Culloden has become muddy due to some fans stepping on the grass, despite being asked not to leave the footpath. The area had to be closed off temporarily to help repair the damage.

It’s important to respect the land used, especially when it comes to battlefields that have many real people buried. Sometimes, keeping a filming location a secret is a good thing for the people who own the land.

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