Must-Have Items for Outlander Fans

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We’ve searched high and low to find some must-have items for fans of Outlander. Check them out below and see what you think.

If you love Outlander (and obviously you do, or you wouldn’t be here, right?) then you’re going to want to take a look at some items we found that we believe are perfect for all fans.

Check them out below.

Outlander Book Series

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There are eight currently released novels in the Outlander series – with one more in the works. All of them are available on Amazon – in hardcover, paperback and Audible versions.

The prices vary for each, but you’ll likely enjoy the books if you’re into the show.

Get your novels at Amazon. 

Outlander Kitchen: The Official Companion Cookbook

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Combine your favorite show with your favorite foods with this companion cookbook. 17 chapters full of awesome recipes – from preserves to poultry, beef to desserts.

Get your companion cookbook at Amazon for $22.

Watch and Download on Amazon

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Re-watch all your favorite scenes and moments. Available on Amazon for download, you can get seasons for as little as $9.99 in HD.

Look, we’ve all got a little extra time for binge-watching nowadays anyway.

Watch on Amazon for varying prices.