Caitriona Balfe had to prove her worth on Outlander Season 1

Caitriona Balfe opened up about her abysmal pay on Outlander Season 1

Outlander wouldn’t be what it is today without Caitriona Balfe. However, at the time of the first season, she was an unknown actress. It’s not surprising, in a way, that she had to prove her worth and learn to stand up for herself in the industry.

During a webinar for City Women Network, Caitriona and her sister Anne-Marie talked about how women have to be their own advocates. That is certainly the case in the workplace when it comes to closing the gender pay gap. This opened up the conversation about Outlander Season 1.

Balfe admitted that she was badly paid, but also said that the first season was a learning experience. It was a chance for her to build her skills and prove her worth.

Hard work pays off on the Outlander set

It doesn’t sound like Caitriona Balfe regrets the early days of Outlander all that much, and it is certainly just business when it comes to pay. Before coming to the set, Balfe had done a lot of modelling work but had only had a few smaller roles on movies. This was her first lead role, and the EPs did take a risk on her.

In the end, Balfe knew that her dedication would pay off. She turned up on set ready to work every day. She knew her lines and she put in the hours and the effort. At no point did she ever complain about the working conditions, something that does hold some actors and actresses back, especially when they’re younger.

Once she proved that she was an asset to the show, she could stand up for herself. That was the time to demand higher pay.

Over the years, the two lead stars have asked for more. They are now producers on the show, which leads to more of a creative part in the show’s development and higher pay. Without Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan, there wouldn’t be an Outlander.

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