What happened to Tebbe on the Outlander Season 5 finale?

Outlander Season 5 -- Courtesy of Aimee Spinks, STARZ
Outlander Season 5 -- Courtesy of Aimee Spinks, STARZ /

During the Outlander Season 5 finale, a handful of men stood out. One of those was Tebbe, the one scared of Claire. What happened to him during the attack?

There were a handful of men from Lionel Brown’s group who stood out during the Outlander Season 5 finale. One of those was Tebbe, the Jamaican who was terrified that Claire was a real witch. What happened to him during Jamie’s attack?

Tebbe showed a small amount of kindness to Claire but didn’t exactly help her. He was scared of the wrath of the spirits, so offered Claire food in the hope that it would appease her and the spirits. Claire played along in the hope that it would help her escape—he was willing to “lose” Claire in the water so the Kelpie could take her away.

In the end, Jamie told Fergus, Young Ian, and the others to “kill them all.” The only person we saw alive was Lionel Brown, but a conversation between Claire and Jamie suggests that Wendigo Donner escaped.

Claire never asked about Tebbe. That’s not surprising since he did very little to help. The only reason she thought about Donner was because he was also a traveler. That’s what stood out to her throughout the ordeal. So, Tebbe wasn’t someone mentioned.

However, it’s safe to assume that Jamie’s orders to kill them all were carried out. There’s not a chance that Jamie’s men would have left anyone alive. They all wanted revenge for Claire. Young Ian and Fergus wouldn’t have been the only ones willing to kill for Claire so she didn’t have to break her oath.

There was a quick show of the men. It wasn’t totally clear but I do think Tebbe was the one lying next to Lionel’s nephew. Tebbe isn’t coming back, whether his spirits took him or not.

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