3 best Claire moments on the Outlander Season 5 finale

Outlander Season 5 -- Courtesy of Aimee Spinks, STARZ
Outlander Season 5 -- Courtesy of Aimee Spinks, STARZ /

The Outlander Season 5 finale showed Claire’s strength despite the trauma. Here are Claire’s best moments from the episode.

Despite the Outlander Season 5 finale being traumatic and difficult to watch, it was also a beautiful episode. Claire showed strength through the trauma.

Of course, it’s not over yet for Claire. Trauma has a way to come up again in the future. This is a moment that completely changes Claire’s character in the books, so we can expect the same in the show. However, before worrying about that, let’s take a look at her strongest three moments from “Never My Love.”

3. Her determination to survive

Claire knew that Jamie was coming for her. All she had to do was survive long enough for him to find her. She knew in her heart that he wouldn’t stop until he did. We saw various stages of her survival.

At first, she tried to fight back. Her defenses were up and she tried everything to bargain for her life, fight against her captors, and figure out a way to escape. When that wasn’t possible, she disassociated herself from the events by putting herself in a safe fantasy world.

2. Refusing to hurt Lionel Brown

Oaths are important in the world of Outlander. Everyone who takes one takes that oath seriously, and Claire’s oath is to do no harm. It comes up during the Season 5 finale. Claire has the chance to enact her revenge and she doesn’t take it.

I love her strength when she refuses to do harm to Lionel Brown. He deserves it—we all know he does. However, Claire refuses to break her oath knowing that will shatter her more than anything Lionel and his men did. It’s a hard choice to make but I love her even more for making it. That wasn’t mercy to Lionel or compassion. It was all about herself.

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1. The fear of the trauma shattering her

Claire was beaten, raped, humiliated, and more. Everyone is there for her, but she hates that some will treat her like a delicate flower. She hates that she’s cracking from everything that happened.

We have this scene where she screams about surviving a world war, losing a (I love that Caitriona Balfe said “our”) child, and losing two husbands (Jamie was dead to her for 20 years, so two counts). She’s been through so much already and has worked through all that trauma. You would think nothing could break her.

And yet, it looks like something has. Claire will certainly struggle after this. That scene makes it clear that it’s playing on her far more than anything else and she’s scared that it will shatter her. However, with Jamie and Bree by her side, she can fight through it.

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