Outlander recap: [Spoiler] returns with a haunting storyline

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Three months later

We quickly pick up three months later to find out that Roger has survived and there’s minimal scarring, but he’s not speaking just yet. It’s clear that he isn’t ready to speak even if there’s no medical reason for him not to. Brianna fears that it’s shell shock, remembering how her roommate Gail’s boyfriend was after the Vietnam War.

Governor Tryon has granted Roger 5,000 acres of land. It’s a generous amount, but it’s clear that Tryon is trying to buy forgiveness. Bree doesn’t want the land. She wants her husband back.

Sadly, he’s struggling mentally. Roger is trying to throw himself into adding the loft to the cabin, but it’s clear that he is struggling with the trauma. Flashbacks of the events tell us that he’s scared and he can’t get those feelings of fear out of his mind.

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Bree, Claire, and Jamie try to continue life as normal, but it’s not easy. Finally, Brianna delivers a little tough love. She reminds Roger that she has been through trauma too and she’s on the other side of it. She still wants to crawl in a hole and die sometimes, but she doesn’t because she has a husband and child who need her. Now Roger has a wife and child who needs him.

And the child may be the way out of it all. When Jemmy is about to put his hand on a burning pot, Roger shouts “don’t” and stops him. Bree is happy that Roger has spoken but Roger won’t speak again. He’s just not ready.