5 Outlander characters perfect to be quarantined with right now

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2. Rupert and Angus

Okay, I’m cheating by putting two characters together. However, you just can’t have one of these Outlander Season 1 characters without the other. It just doesn’t work that way!

While we need healers and people who will help find food should the shelves go empty, we also need entertainment—and not just through singing. Ruper and Angus are excellent for comedic relief.

When times are tough and our moods are low, we need people like Ruper and Angus to keep us entertained. Plus, they would be excellent when it comes to hunting. After all, there’s no way they’d have been on the rent party or would have been soldiers with Dougal’s army if they didn’t know how to hunt.

1. Mrs. Fitz

Finally, we need a voice of reason and a motherly figure. There’s only one person for that. Mrs. Fitz was a godsend to Claire when she first arrived in the past, and she’d be everything for us in an Outlander quarantine.

Let’s look at the way Mrs. Fitz looked after everyone at Castle Leoch. She doesn’t panic under pressure. She welcomes it and is able to get everyone working where they need to be. She takes command of the kitchen while delivering delicious food at the same time.

This is a woman who would help us remain calm. She’d help Joe treat anyone who was sick and it would be great to see Marsali and her great-grandmother meet.

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Who would you like to be quarantined with from Outlander apart from Claire and Jamie? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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